Nerang Squash & Fitness Centre

The Relaxation Corporation opened its new Massage and Beauty Salon at Nerang Squash and Fitness Centre in 2017.

Our staff will help you improve your body's range of movement and flexibility. Their experience and knowledge of your muscular-skeletal system will assist in reducing injury and recovery time.

At the squash centre we have therapists who have learned which muscles are most likely to be affected during play. That's why we try to release muscle problems before injury occurs.

Our Beauty Therapists are skilled in a wide range of skin care. For example, many people have problems with dry or cracked skin on the soles of their feet. If this is not treated, bleeding and inflammation may occur. In our salon we have a special machine that helps to remove excess skin on the feet, so that the skin reverts to being smooth and nourished again.

We have two treatment rooms. The first is for massage and beauty, second one is used for double 'couple' massage. In both rooms you can relax 'under the stars'.

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Nerang Squash & Fitness Centre
43 Station Street, Nerang
Gold Coast QLD 4211 Australia


0415 751 751


Opening Hours

Mon - Sun
9am - 7pm

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